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Our promise – to do our best to help you enjoy learning!

CKA offers a range of courses to fit your learning style, skills and kayaking goals. Foundation Courses will get you started if you've never been in a boat, while the Skills Development classes will take you much farther and give you the confidence to safely paddle in more challenging conditions. Specific Skills and ACA Training address those looking for improvement in a targeted area, or who wish to have their skills tested and/or work towards teaching and leading others. Multi-Day Instructional Tours are designed to explore new locations while improving and adding to your skills. These are offered in a variety of settings including the San Juans and Lower Columbia.

All of CKA’s courses are taught with low student-to-instructor ratios. High quality boats and gear are provided for all Foundation classes and local SKills Development Classes, or you are welcome to bring your own.
Foundation Courses
Quick Start Your Kayak (Basics)
Intro to Kayaking (Fundamentals)

Skills Development Courses
Strokes, Edging and Manuevers
Wind and Waves
Coastal Skills

Specific Skills Courses
Pool - Wet-Exits, Rescues, Rolls
Kayak Touring and Incident Management

Multi-Day Instructional Tours
Lower Columbia Instructional Tour
San Juan Instructional Tour
Advanced San Juan Instructional Tour

ACA Skills and Certification Courses
ACA Skill Levels 1-3 Training
ACA Levels Assessment
ACA Instructor Development Workshop
ACA Instructor Certification Exam
Private Instruction or Custom Classes
If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or our schedule just doesn’t fit yours, contact us to arrange a special class. We’re happy to design a class that meets your kayak interests and skills, or take you to local paddling spots that challenge you.

Registration information follows classes descriptions, below.
Please Note: Class times and dates can change; it is always a good idea to confirm time and date before registration; call 509-947-5901.
Class Descriptions

Foundation Classes

Quick Start Your Kayak
3 Hours, $65; Class meets at CKA shop.
See Calendar for Dates;

This quick introduction to flat-water kayaking will get you started right! Learn basic boat handling skills, including launch and landing techniques, the elements of a proper forward stroke, and turning. Rescues are demonstrated and you're invited to practice solo or assisted rescues. Local paddle places, gear, clothing and next steps are all discussed.

Intro to Kayaking (Fundamentals)
6 - 7 Hours, $110; Class meets at Columbia Point Marina
See Calendar for Dates

This class builds on Kayaking Basics, or can be your first class. Paddling safety, boats, equipment and clothing options are discussed on shore. In the protected waters of the marina you will learn an effective forward stroke, turning techniques, and begin to understand edging for efficiency. We encourage everyone to practice both solo and assisted rescues. Finally, we take you into the river for an understanding of the currents and safe local paddling options.

Skills Development Classes

Strokes, Edging, and Maneuvers
4 - 5 Hours, $75; Class location determined by condtions.
See Calendar for Dates

This class provides the student with a repertoire of useful strokes and boat maneuvers; how to effectively control a boat with a variety of turning strokes, edging techniques, plus rudder and side strokes. Balance and bracing will be practiced to get you comfortable pushing that edge and preventing capsize. Finally, the forward stroke is reviewed to improve your efficiency. This class can be repeated and is tailored to the skills of participants.

Wind and Waves
4 - 5 Hours, $75; Class location determined by conditions.
See Calendar for Dates

This class takes your flat water skills and teaches you how to use them in the wind. We'll look for waves and wind up to 15 knots and gain experience in head, side and following waves. We'll also practice with skegs and rudders, and learn tuning techiques in conditions. We'll encourage you to practice your self and assisted rescues - in the kind of environment you are likely to need them.

Coastal Skills and Surf
2.5 Days, $295; Class location determined by condtions.
See Calendar for Dates

The coastal environment offers another level of complexity for kayakers - from tides and currents to swell and surf - they offer challenge and wonder. This class explores these elements over two and a half days. Depending on conditions and skills, we'll work on paddling along the shoreline, small ocean swell, and small surf and/or currents. Class includes discussions on navigation, pre-trip planning, route-decisions, tides and currents.

Class is held in Ilwaco, WA. Accommodations and food are responsibility of paddlers; camping is available at Cape Disappointment; other camping and motel options can be found at:
Specific Skills Courses

Pool Class: Wet-Exits, Rescues, and Rolls
3 - 4 Hours, $65; Class meets at Tri-City Court Club or Columbia Basin Raquet Club call for details.
See Calendar for Dates

Two classes at once! Learn wet-exits, and self- and assisted-rescues in sea kayaks, and/or work on the kayak roll. Boats and gear provided, and class is in warm water at Tri-City Court Club or Columbia Basin Raquet Club. Great time to practice rescues, or to start learning the fun of rolling.

Kayak Touring and Incident Management
5 Hours, $75; Class meets at Snyder Boat Launch, north Richland.
See Calendar for Dates

This class is designed to help yu travel by kayak, both solo and in groups. Discussions will include necessary safety gear, keeping a group safely together, and how to deal with unexpected situations. Excercises will include how and when to use tow lines, simple navigation scenarios, use of radios, and making crossings in traffic.

Multi-Day Instructional Tours

Lower Columbia Instructional Tour
5 Days, $750 w/ Lodging, $500 w/out; Class meets in Ilwaco, WA
See Calendar for Dates

This class is designed for those wanting to immerse themselves in kayaking for a few days in a beautiful location. We'll travel each day to new locations to explore islands and cliffs, small rivers and the expanse of Willapa Bay and the Lower Columbia. This area is rich in wildlife, a variety of conditions, and beautiful scenery.

Accomodations for this class is at the Inn at Harbour Village in Ilwaco.

Orcas Island Tour
5 Days, $750 (all food and lodging included); Class stays on Orcas Island, WA
See Calendar for Dates

Test your skills in one of the most beautiful paddling spots in the northwest. This instructional tour will explore the islands with day trips from our base on Orcas Island. Learn about currents, tides and navigation, plus boat control, turning and balance in moving waters. The area is rich in wildlife; seals, porpose, otters, eagles and others will be visible as we paddle.

Group meets Thursday morning on Orcas Island; days will be spent paddling in and around the shores of many Islands, with possible crossings to other locations, depending on tides, currents and weather.

Participants are responsible for transport to Orcas Island (carpooling encouraged). Tour cost includes Lodging, and meals. Participants are expected to share meal preparation tasks.
Advanced San Juan Instructional Tour
5 Days, $650 (all food and lodging included); Class meeting location to be determined.
See Calendar for Dates

This class is for those with experience in conditions who want to push their skills further while exploring the outer reaches of the San Juans. Expect typical paddle days of 10-15 miles, strong currents and tidal surges. Participants are expected to share meal preparation tasks.

You can register for any class or tour by calling Columbia Kayak Adventures at 509-947-5901, or sending an email to Or you can download a registration form and mail it to CKA. Payment is due at time of registration. CKA accepts VISA and MasterCard, cash or check.

After registration, an informational sheet will be sent to you confirming your class time and location, plus information on things to bring, appropriate clothing or other helpful tips.

Cancellation Policy
Full payment is due at time of registration for classes and tours one-day or shorter in length. Full refunds are given if cancellations are made within 5 days of class or tour. No refunds are made if cancellation is made with less than 5 days notice, unless your space is filled.

Multi-day classes and tours require a 50% deposit at time of registration and full payment seven days prior to the first class session. You will receive a full refund, less a $25.00 office fee if you cancel two weeks prior to class. No refunds are made for cancellations made within two weeks of the class or tour, unless your spot is filled, in which case you will receive a full refund, less the deposit.

CKA reserves the right to re-schedule or cancel a class due to unsafe conditions or insufficient registration. We do not cancel due to rain.