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Wednesday Roll Practice
Practicing wet-exits,
rescues and rolls in the pool at CBRC.

A successful roll??!
Evan showing his Greenland rolls.

Kids and Evening Paddles - along the Columbia near Richland, and in the Yakima

Hanford Reach
Cooling off your Partner (photos taken by Shawn Calendine)

Regional Trips
Palouse River

Nisqually Delta near Olympia

San Juan Instructional Tour

Kayaking Southern Chile
Patagonia, Chile, February 2006 In early February I joined a friend on a guided trip in Southern Chile. After a day of hiking in the Futaleufu Valley, we loaded our kayaks for a 5-day trip from the Andes to the Pacific. This area is a contrast in high, glacial peaks and beautiful cliffs covered in rich foliage. Our first day on the water, we traveled the last 15 miles of the Rio Futaleufu and camped where it empties into Lago Yelcho. The next two days we explored this 30-mile long lake surrounded by 6000-foot peaks.

Rio Futaleufu into Lago Yelcho

First Camp

Lago Yelcho

A Quiet Lunch Stop
On a windy afternoon we crossed the northern end of the lake and entered a swift section of Rio Yelco. The river settled quickly and there were many quiet stretches broken by assorted small rapids. We paddled into the Pacific on the fifth morning, then through a bay watching a group of seals and numerous pelicans. This brought us to the small town of Chaiten, where we had flown into a week before. Volcan Cocovado, a 7500-foot volcano reportedly seen in eruption by Darwin, is the backdrop to this dramatic area.

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