Places to Paddle

Trip Reports - Places We've Been

Here are trips we've taken; descriptions include launch points, routes, distances, and lots of photos. Not just local, but the Lower Columbia and San Juan trips are also described. Enjoy!
Note: More Trip Reports will be added - keep checking back. Caution - Some of the files are large.

Hanford Reach Trip Report
Palouse River Trip Report
Ringold to Richland (Columbia River) Trip Report
Sand and Blalock Islands (off Paterson) Trip Report
Scappoose Bay (Lower Columbia) Trip Report
Grays River (Lower Columbia) Trip Report
Welch Island (Lower Columbia) Trip Report
Skamokawa Cliffs (Lower Columbia) Trip Report
San Juans - Lopes Island, Sept. 2008 Trip Report

Kayaking Around the Tri-Cities

There are many locations one can put a kayak in the water near Richland, Kennewick and Pasco. North Richland launches are great for paddling upriver and around the many islands that make up McNary Wildlife Refuge. There are often populated heron rookeries on some of these, plus lots of other birdlife to view.

To paddle around the Yakima Delta, launch on either the east (Marina side) or west of Bateman Island. The delta is an area of islands, channels and wildlife – dear, beaver, herons, hawk and many more can be seen here. The east launch gives access to the west side of Bateman, or you can go up the Yakima into the Chamna area.

Other nearby areas to explore are off any of the riverfront parks, Clover Island, and Yakima River.
The following is a list of launch sites:

Near Town

  • Bateman Island: Launch west of Bateman Island for easy access to Yakima Delta; launch east at Marina to go around Bateman into Delta, up or down the Columbia.
  • Leslie Groves: Launch just south of beach area; north or south are good access to Nelson, Gull, and many more islands.
  • Saint Street Dock: Go upriver to go around islands.
  • Above WSU-Tri Cities – Off 1st Street & Waterfront Drive
  • Yakima – Twin Bridges, Van Giesen St.
  • Chiawana Park
  • Clover Island

Put-Ins (Easy Day Trips):

  • McNary Wildlife Refuge – Off Hwy 12
  • Walla Walla River Delta
  • Snake – Charbonneau Rec Area, Levey Park
  • Hanford Reach
  • Potholes
  • Lake Roosevelt
  • Umatilla Wildlife Refuge